How much does probate house clearance cost?

One of the questions that we get all the time is how much does the probate house clearance service cost. A lot of people dealing with a probate house clearance are doing so for the first (and possibly only) time in their life, and are slightly fearful of the administrative burdens on them as executors of the estate – solicitors may be dealing with a large volume of cases and need to manage them effectively. They need to account for the costs that they incur in winding up the estate, so that they able to demonstrate that to all stakeholders.

There is no simple answer to how much a probate house clearance is going to cost. As with any other waste service, the major determining factor is how much material needs to be removed, and how heavy it is – that dictates the cost of having the waste deposited at a licensed facility; to some extent the type of waste will dictate the cost of a probate house clearance, but house clearances are unlikely to include hazardous or unusual waste. Generally speaking an average house will cost somewhere around £500, but there is a lot of variability in this.

The best solution is to try and take as many photos as possible for us, so when we give you an estimate of cost for your probate house clearance, we can be as accurate as possible – we have years of experience doing this, so you will be surprised just how accurate and we can be in pricing up a job.

It’s important to remember that any quote we give you for a probate house clearance service will include the need to retain anything that appears to be valuable, any important documents or other items for the proper management of the estate (including destruction if required), and to inventory everything if the executor or the solicitor requires it – you also receive a Waste Transfer Note to detail proper disposal of all of the material.

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