Probate House Clearance Service

Clearing a house during the probate process is different from a general house clearance job – it can be distressing, and if you miss things or do not do things correctly, you can end up adding to your burdens – let us take all that stress from you. We provide a sensitive, cost-effective and efficient Probate House Clearance Service solution so that executors of an estate can bring the estate to its conclusion with the minimum difficulty. In addition to the actual removal of furniture and effects, we offer the following additional services as standard:

  • An inventory of the contents of a house, both written and photographic.
  • Retention of items of value (e.g. jewellery) or apparent sentimental value, such as photographs.
  • Identification and retention of paperwork and other documents that may be required to bring affairs in order – as so much of people’s lives is now digital, we include laptops and phones in this, as they may be required to access accounts. We also offer a shredding/destruction service for any confidential material.
  • Meter readings and utility management.
  • Valuation of major items, and we can arrange for these to be auctioned if required.
  • Cleaning and general maintenance where required.

We ensure that all house clearance material is properly disposed of – we can do everything from a small furniture clearance to taking a property down to its shell condition if required. We provide you with a full waste transfer note, and proof that materials have been properly disposed of at a licensed recycling facility. To make our pricing simple and transparent for people at a distressing time, we do not charge a premium for bulky items or small amounts of hazardous waste like paints.

We are able to work with a variety of partners such as solicitors, estate agents and landlords to ensure that the probate house clearance service process is as smooth and efficient as possible. We are able to operate to tight deadlines and even offer evening and weekend services to further simplify the process.

We have worked on behalf of family members, solicitors and other parties for our Probate House Clearance Service- we hope that you will be our next customer. Please email us on or use the form on this website to enquire about our services.