How much does a house clearance service cost in 2024?

The cost of a house clearance service in 2024 is always a bit of a thorny issue – most people want a house clearance service to be as cheap as possible, so they can get their house ready to re-let or ready for sale. As always, you get what you pay for  – and a very cheap house clearance service might end up costing you a lot more than you bargained for.

The basic issue is that all waste needs to be disposed of lawfully – you might not be aware that if even if you pay someone to take it away for you, the legal liability rests with you as the originator of the waste – so if the person you pay fly-tips the waste, you will be prosecuted and fined as well as them. Do not risk it – the Environment Agency and Local Authorities are very good at tracking fly-tippers.

So, what should you pay for a house clearance service to be done lawfully in 2024? Well, two bits of information will help you understand the costings – first, lawful disposal of mixed domestic waste will cost somewhere around £200 per tonne, bef0re you factor in the costs of time, fuel and everything else. If you think about the weight of a typical house of furniture, odds and ends, appliances and so on, you will be at least a tonne in weight. Therefore if ‘Man with a van’ says he can do it for £150 in the evening, be very worried. Be particularly careful with probate house clearances; as the executor of the estate you have additional duties.

In general the costs of a house clearance service are dictated by how much waste you have – the bigger the house the more waste you have – and how long it will take to load; if you have done most of the work yourself and the stuff is ready to load, it will be cheaper than if you need the team to empty the premises by hand. So if you have a typical amount of furniture/carpet/odds and its ready to go by the door – you may well find £300 is enough; if the house needs to emptied by hand, taking several hours and with more to go, you may look at £700.

The key to doing this is to use a reputable service – FSRS Waste are a specialist in house clearances. If you get in touch via Whatsapp on +44 7787009131, email, then we will be able to get you a bespoke quote, and talk you through each stage of the process – do not forget, our house clearance service is available evenings and weekends as well as normal working hourse, at no extra charge.