Alternative to Skip Hire

You can get a Fast Quote for waste clearance as an alternative to hiring a skip by sending a Whatsapp with images of the waste to +44 7787009131 emailing us at or using the form at the bottom of this website. We are fully licensed as waste carriers by the Environment Agency.

We have a large number of tradesmen, builders, homeowners and others using our service as an alternative to hiring a skip – our waste disposal services are fast, flexible and our pricing means that we are often cheaper than getting a skip in, and there is often no option for a skip if you are working on an apartment or in some other shared building – something that will only become more common in London with the planned new skyscrapers!

There are a couple of problems with skip hire that our clients like to avoid if they can – a lot of the time in London there is no space for a skip on the property itself, and that means securing a permit for one to go on the road, assuming that it is possible to get a workable space in the immediate area for a skip, and the larger the skip you need, the harder that becomes.

Strip Out Services London

Renovation Waste Strip Out Services London – Alternative to Skip

It’s an administrative burden, but it also leads onto another problem – when skips are on the road, everybody else on the street seems to think that they can dump their waste in as well, usually late at night. As the client is charged by weight, this means that client ends up paying multiples of what they should for their building waste disposal, and more if somebody has chucked hazardous waste in there.

Our clients value the flexibility of being able to simply tell us when their waste is ready to be collected, and our van and operatives turn up and take it away there and then – we don’t mind multiple trips, and we can often work with night time and weekend services as well, to work around site access issues and the schedules of other trades.

Remember, you can contact us about your waste disposal job here – or using the form at the side of the page. is the email to get a waste quotation from us.