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Summer Waste Removal Service

As we have got through the Easter and Half-Term holidays out summer waste removal service has got into full swing – as people have been out enjoying their gardens, they have been replacing their garden furniture, upgrading barbecues and with this weather they have been replacing the fire pits and heaters as well.

Green Waste Removal Service

Garden Waste Removal

All of that has to be disposed of legally – and you have to make sure that you know what is hazardous waste and what to do with it:

  • Gas canisters from your BBQ or heater – you cannot put them in the regular waste stream; in the vast majority of cases they can be taken back to the store where you got them filled up or bought them, such as a Flogas outlet, and they have the appropriate facilities to re-use them safely. They cannot be put into a waste transfer station.
  • Treated woods – if you have wood from a fence or shed that has creosote or some wood stains on it, it qualifies as toxic; it cannot be put in the woodpile at a waste transfer station, and you cannot burn it either.
  • If you have been unfortunate enought to have Japanese Knotweed on your property, you have to be very careful with the waste; if it has been dug out and you have soil waste with an invasive species in it, or herbicides have been used on it, then it may qualify as controlled waste. You need to have it disposed of legally.
  • Green waste – one of the things that people complain to us about the most is the limited collections of green waste that their Local Authority provides, and the charges that can be levied for it. If you have a decent-sized lawn or hedges that generate a lot of clippings, do not be tempted to think that it does not matter if you fly tip it – so many people say that because it is all organic matter, it is okay to chuck it on a field or recreation ground – it isn’t, and you risk prosecution if you do.
  • Bulky garden items – decking, canopies, swings, large heaters – you name it, people replace it at this time of year, and these items are always too big to fit in the car and take to the tip.

The simple solution to all of your summer waste removal service needs is to work with a licensed, insured and professional company like FSRS Waste. If you are looking for an urgent quote upload images of the job using the form on the site,Whatsapp them to us on 07787009131 orĀ info@fsrswaste.com

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