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Two Tonne House Clearance

We recently did a job for a house clearance service in Luton, where the landlord had gone down the long road of evicting the tenant for non-payment of rent, and needed to get the house ready for new tenants. Unfortunately he dicovered that the tenants had pretty much trashed the premises, and the whole place needed emptying – not even the toilet was salvageable.

Our house clearance service covers this type of thing with ease, though on this occasion even we were surprised at the amount of stuff that had to be taken away – the rogue tenants had been carrying on some sort of roofing trade at the house, so by the time we had removed all of the furniture, all of the fixtures and all of the working equipment and materials from the garden area, we had tipped the scales at the waste transfer station at well over two tonnes – that’s a lot of furniture!

We did quite a lot of pre-sorting of waste; the metals were dealt with separately as always, as were the mattresses and the plasterboard and sealants/tar from the roofing business – the latter would qualify as hazardous waste so it has to be dealt with appropriately, at a facility with the right license and equipment to deal it. It turned out to be a bigger job than we thought but at the end of the day the landlord got back their premises clear and ready for them to decorate, along with their key documentation like the Waste Transfer Note.

Make sure you contact us on info@fsrswaste.com if you need a waste clearance service anywhere in the South East.

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