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Probate House Clearance Service

A busy weekend beckons for our probate house clearance service – weekends are generally very busy on this beat, as it is a time when relatives are available if they need to be. Probate house clearances are more involved than an end-of-tenancy house clearance service because some items may need to be kept; for legal or sentimental reasons.

The larger the house the more involved the clearance process, though all home have their secrets. We always make an inventory of everything that we find, with a particular focus on retaining any paperwork or electronic devices – as well as anything obviously valuable like cash or jewels – which may be needed to bring the estate to a conclusion, such as paperwork for accounts, pensions or rental agreements.

We can then take the property down to an empty unit if the intention is to sell or rent it – so with all fixtures and fittings retained, but all furniture and personal effects removed – or we can gut the building down to a bare shell, with kitchens, bathrooms and other fitted things being removed, tiling removed, wallpaper stripped – if that is required prior to renovation.

Our probate house clearance services are always respectful, courteous and efficient, so executors are able to complete their duties. You also have the comfort of knowing that you are working with a licensed waste transporter and broker, so you will have all the paperwork needed to prove that disposal has been responsible. We work on behalf of solicitors needing a probate house clearance service as well as family and other executors – so contact us on info@fsrswaste.com or use the form on this site.

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