Construction Waste Removal

One of our biggest clients areas is construction waste removal in London – we are on speedial for a wide range of trades, builders, handymen, plumbers, electricians, you name it – at the end of a job they all have waste that needs to be removed.

The major challenge in London is that very often the job is in a flat – so a skip is out of the question, and property management companies tend to take a dim view of waste being left outside for anything more than a couple of hours. The reason that so many trades use our construction waste removal service is because they need to have the material gone very quickly; so they drop us a whatsapp with the picture, get it to where it needs to be for collection, and then we have it away.

Construction waste is more difficult to dispose of than regular waste – residents are only allowed a couple of bags at the tip, so if there has been a renovation, they cannot take the waste to the tip themselves unless they pay trade prices. If you have something like plasterboard, it needs to be tipped into the appropriate container, as gypsum is a hazardous material – rubble, tiles, wood and every other kind of construction waste that needs to be removed also needs to go in the right pile at the tip.

Construction Waste Removal

The Plasterboard Box at the Transfer Station

A lot of people think that a construction waste removal service is going to be very expensive, because builder’s waste is likely to be much heavier than regular municipal waste – but there are two things to remember. First, it is not always expensive if it is heavy; for example, properly sorted, rubble can attract a much lower tipping price. Second, it is always much cheaper than the fine and criminal record for fly-tipping.

It makes much more sense to use our construction waste removal service – drop us an email on, use the contact form or shoot us a Whatsapp on 07787009131 with some photos – all our quotes are no obligation.

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