Strip Out Service

Our strip out service is always one of the more interesting parts of the business, because you can never really guarantee what you are going to get next – when we get a scope of works from a strip out service client, it could be anything from simpy removing the main fixtures and fittings like kitchens, bathrooms or office partitioning – all the way up to gutting the building so that it stands as a shell, and cannot be used (the attraction there being that it would not attract council tax).

Strip Out Service

Recycled Steel from Strip Out Service

This photo above is from a job this week – the item you can see there is a large, custom-fabricated fountain/waterfall that had to be removed from a former restaurant premises. Not the easiest thing to get out of a basement access, particularly in the dark and rain, but this is why people come to us – they know that we can take care of this type of project, even where there are a few niggles with access.

Because this was a very nice piece of clean stainless steel, it was taken for recycling at a proper scrapyard rather than a general waste transfer site. Often with our strip out service there are a lot of recovered items with financial value; wiring, ducting, boilers and so on. It makes sense to make sure that we recover all of that value rather than simply hoofing it all into the waste stream.

When we do these jobs we can provide a full statement of works and the required health and safety documentation, as well as all the normal documentation to prove legal and responsible disposal of the waste. We can always be contacted on or through the form on this site.

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