Where does the Waste Go?

One of the questions that comes back from clients a lot is where we take the waste from our low cost waste removal service to be recycled – almost all clients know that the legal liability for the waste rests with them if it is not disposed of properly, and they want to double check that it will end up at a proper licensed facility. In general, the waste will end up at a big recycling facility like the Abbey Road waste transfer station just off the A406 North Circular.

Waste Clearance Service London

This is where the waste goes…

General unsorted waste ends up in a big tipping pile like the one above, where it is then taken for sorting and recycling – with the ambition of none of it requiring landfill treatment. We make the effort to sort our waste as much as possible at the point of collection; we get lower rates if we are tipping properly sorted green waste or cardboard like in the image below.

Green Waste Collection Service

Low Cost Green Waste Clearance

Where we have waste that requires special treatment like gypsum-based products such as plasterboard, or potentially toxic waste like paint, then that goes to a specialist waste recycling facility licensed for the safe recovery of those materials. Our builders waste removal service can deal with anything from rubble to wallpaper strippings, and it all needs to be disposed of responsibly.

We are always keen to hear from new and existing clients who might be interested in our waste removal service – email us on info@fsrswaste.com,  use the contact page or the form on this page to drop us a line.

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