Green Waste Clearance

We have quite a lot of people who are surprised that green waste needs to be collected through the winter – in fact, if anything, our green waste collection service has more volume to deal with over the winter than the summer. Winter is when a lot of larger scale pruning or clearance work is done, and this time of year (later winter) is when a lot of pollarding of trees is done.

Green Waste Collection Service

Low Cost Green Waste Clearance

In addition to that, we have a lot of domestic clients who are just doing a bit of tidying up over winter; perhaps planning what they want to plant for the spring and summer growth seasons, and they need a green waste clearance service to make sure that all the materials are properly disposed of. Most councils only allow a small amount of green waste to go through the kerbside collection, and if you are having a clear out, you may need a commercial waste contractor to help. Happily, green waste is one of the lowest cost forms of waste to dispose of because it is, by its nature, entirely recyclable and generally without hazard.

Of course, we work with a lot of clients that are carrying out landscaping and gardening on a commercial basis – that does not stop for the winter, maintenance is required year round. We find a lot of companies use February as a big month for cutting back hedging, particularly by roads, as March to July is the main nesting season and hedge cutting is prohibited then.

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