Weekend Waste Removal Service

One of the questions we get asked most is whether we offer a waste removal service at the weekends, and at night – of course, the answer is yes. All kinds of clients need waste collection outside regular working hours. It goes without saying that flytippers are always working at the weekends, so that means that we have to be there with our flytipping clearance service at weekends as well – some landowners tell us that it feels like a war every weekend.

Fly Tippers Always Work Weekends

Beyond that, we also have a number of clients that have site access conditions that make weekday waste collection difficult – we have worked with a number of schools that have needed to dispose of materials in term time rather than holidays, and because of the safety of the pupils, the only option is to do it after hours or at the weekend. You can’t exactly traipse through the PE class with half a tonne of old furniture and carpet.

Similarly we have worked with a number of retail and office clients who needed their waste removing outside the public opening hours or the normal working day, for exactly the same reasons – generally this is where we have worked on larger waste removal projects, and getting the waste out of the building is a reasonably lengthy process. Doing it in the evening or at the weekend minimizes disruption to operations, and also gives us time to make sure that the premises are swept, hoovered and otherwise returned to good order before operations resume.

A different type of client that needs waste removal at the weekend or in the evening are those that operate twenty-four-seven themselves; we work with a number of clients that are in the courier/distribution/delivery space that are always operating, and to keep on top of their waste flow, particularly cardboard, they need collections at night and through the weekend – otherwise they would simply run out of space.

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