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Fly Tipping & Litter From North London

Some debate about whether this constitutes fly-tipping or littering, but it all has to be collected up and disposed of properly. This was was left at the edge of a car park, and has probably been thrown out of a van – stock in trade for our waste clearance service London.

Fly Tipping & Litter Collection

As with a lot of fly-tipping and litter, the waste had got wet (as well as containing food packaging) which meant that not only is it unsightly, but it also produced an unpleasant smell and was a potential health risk – you should never poke around in flytipping, because you simply have no idea what toxic material might be in there. Similarly, it is generally not a good idea to ever challenge anyone that you see flytipping – they almost certainly know that they are breaking the law, and may react dangerously if challenged – it is far more sensible to stand off and observe if it is safe to do so, and the report the flytipping to your local authority or the Environment Agency, giving as much detail as you can.

This kind of waste clearance London is our stock-in-trade, and the clean up and disposal to a licensed facility was done quickly and efficiently and for a much cheaper price than the client imagined a fly-tip clearance to be. You can get a Fast Quote for fly tipping clarance by sending a Whatsapp with images of the waste to +44 7787009131 emailing us at info@fsrswaste.com or using the form at the bottom of this website. We are fully licensed as waste carriers by the Environment Agency.

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